Idea validation allows you to test your market before entering it. By communicating with your potential audience, you can determine if your concept is well targeted and how it will be received. This can save you time and money by avoiding on working on something, that market does not want to.
They are highly targeted audience that has interest in your idea - they are your future users. Unlike our competition we do not pay them to answer surveys, so they are unbiased and will answer honestly. They respond because they want to, not because they need to.
We are using highly advanced contact management, and lead generation tool that has a few dozens of millions of leads profiled. We search for your audience based on their demographics, interests and behaviour. Once a big enough group is selected we contact them through various communication channels. We ask them in a friendly manner to answer questions about your idea.
Expert is an individual that scored highly in our influence ranking. They are in the top 10% most influential part of your audience. They are a group that has a high understanding of the market, can predict some trends, interact actively with your market and are well connected. The score is calculated based on their social presence, connections to other experts and audience, activity, visibility on the web and more.
The leader is an expert that is top 1% of your audience according to influence score. They are well known in their field, have followers and are considered authorities by the audience. They can single-handedly influence the market and have a strong sense of future trends. Some leaders can be regarded as celebrities, scholars and gurus in their field.
We use information submitted by you during the submission process. We try to select big enough audience using tags and profiling to be able to deliver guaranteed responders. We use more precise targeting if the group is too big or relax the rules a bit if the group is too small.
We can target audiences based on numerous statistics, like demographics, marital status, online activity, hobbies, interests, work, social activity and more.
You get a guaranteed minimum response from the audience. We will run our process until all the goals are achieved. Usually, you will get more than the guaranteed minimums.
In some cases, our delivery time can be delayed for a day or two if we have difficulties in reaching your audience (for example due to the small target group, or national holidays).
Once enough answers are gathered, we process them to make them "presentation ready". This means text normalisation (making sure that the language is understandable) and performing answer moderation (removing bad words, malicious answers and personal detail). They are then published.
We accept all niches that are legal. If a niche is tiny (like captains of large ships), we might extend the reach to get more responders (to captains of ships, boats, yachts or workers of sea shipping companies - depending on the idea).
At the moment we accept only English language submissions.
We will start working on your idea right away. We will select a target audience responders, so we can start sending them to the survey within a maximum of 24 hours.
You will be contacted if we need more details about the concept.
Once the report is done, we will notify you through email.
Once the order is started, we cannot offer refunds unless we are unable to deliver a guaranteed, advertised amount of interactions.
After Idea works like a buffer between the audience and you. It means that the audience will never know who you are, and you will not get the details of responders. You do not need to worry about securing personal data, as it will be stripped from the final report.
Once data is provided, the process starts rather quickly. Once we begin connecting with your audience, we are not able to edit the survey anymore.