No more questions, just answers.

Check with your audience what they think of your concept. We will ask you a few questions and create a survey from the answers provided. We will then contact your potential audience and ask them for feedback. No need for website, images or even prototype. You can validate your market with just an idea and make sure there are people interested in it!


Enterprise-grade targeting.

Do you have a product for florists in California? Or maybe you want to offer service to yacht owners? Do you provide excellent promotion for Tesla car owners? You can reach your audience without spending valuable time or fortune. We will find the people that match your criteria and ask to answer a few questions. Our state of art targeting tool will easily select a group of most relevant leads. You will receive real, non-incentivized answers!


Answers from real people

We take a unique approach in the market validation process. We talk to real people. As opposed to others we do not pay or incentivize people to answer surveys. We ask your audience politely if they can help us out. And they do. Get real, unbiased answers from real people.

Validation beats uncertainty

After Idea takes the process of validating market off your hands completely!

You share your idea, we do the rest.

Answer a few questions and let us do the magic. No need for websites, images or prototypes. We work with contextual idea, and in this form we present it to your target audience.

Privacy is on us.

We are a buffer between you and the market. All data that you get will be cleaned of personal information, so you can use it freely without worrying about ever-changing laws.

We are ninjas in targeting.

Are you opening a burger joint around the corner? Let us talk to the people from the office building in front of it, your potential customers! We connect with real people to get real answers.

Connect with influencers.

We give you a chance to talk directly to influencers in your market - the top 10% that other people listen and follow. Get the excellent feedback from people that shape the future of your market.

Rule your world.

No matter if you need validation for new, revolutionary idea or existing product. After Idea will validate the market and provide invaluable feedback so you can outrun your competition.

(Almost) unbelievable pricing.

We could spend our budget on marketing, but instead, we are keeping our prices low. We believe in win-win situations, so you get the service, and we get some good press. Use it while it lasts!

Let's Go!

We have plans crafted for small and big ideas.
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$ 49

25 Responders
Some Comments
3 Days Delivery
Full Report
Expert Review

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$ 99

60 Responders
Multiple Comments
3 Days Delivery
Full Report
Expert Review

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$ 399

400 Responders
Dozens of Comments
5 Days Delivery
Full Report
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